Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Back to school supplies

So!! Hi every one! How's school going? Mine is good. Difficult, but good. My school supplies from last year that I am reusing looked a little worn, so I decided to decoupage them!! I Just decoupaged my stylo plume (fountain pen) and it looks great. I also redid Oscars unused soccer agenda and decoupaged my lock to distinguish it. They look great!! My notebooks all have a very faint outline of a lion, and I was thinking that I would cut out a white lion and tape it on, then decoupage that. What do you think?

To decoupage something it is very easy. Or at least, the way I do it is. I begin with some old origami, cutouts from magazines, news paper, almost any kind of paper I can get my hands on. Then, using a glue stick, or liquide glue, or mod podge, I stick the papers to my objects. After that, I am basically finished. For extra support, I usually put a coat of glue on top of the decoupage. You can use your fingers to rub it in, or sponge brushes, or actual sponges. It smoothes it, and keeps paper cuts away. If the corners of my paper start sticking up, a dab of glue on top and bottom will fix that.

My mom likes to mix mod podge with water to make it thinner, and more like paint. then, she puts a coat of it onto her object and it doesn't dry as fast, so she can just set things onto it.

It is easiest to decoupage flat surfaces, but i think it is possible to decoupage anything solid.


Hi Anyone, And Everyone!! Just to let you know, I am gonna start to redo my blog. Now, I am going to be doing stuff on French Fashion, and cool crafts. Thank you for reading!!!