Sunday, December 04, 2016

It's okay.

Hey so today I woke up late again, which I'm really getting annoyed about because I can do so much more in the mornings.

I kind of sat around until like 2 in the afternoon, then I just had to get out of the house, so I put all my change into my pocket and got on a bus. I took it to the end of the line, and then I got out and walked around for a while. I didn't really have any plans to go anywhere, and my phone didn't have very much battery, so I walked into this cathedral. That was a good decision. It was so peaceful inside, and everyone was there for a reason, you know? Like, no one has to go to church, they choose to go to church. And so the people there are all connected in that they made the decision to go to church. It wasn't even during a mass or anything, it was off hours, and yet there were probably 40 people there. I thought that was pretty special.

Then I walked around some more, and ended up wandering over by this canal I went to the other day. It surprised me, I hadn't known that's where I was. So I went into a McDonalds and used the wifi (and my remaining battery) to map the way to a museum on the edge of town. It was about a 45 minute walk, but I had no where to be so I headed out. My phone died, but I had an albeit vague idea of the direction. I arrived and was pretty dang proud of myself. I went inside and went to the bathroom, then this vending machine which has 80 cent hot cocoa. I got one, and counted my change to see if I could get another. I did have enough, but if I got a hot cocoa I wouldn't be able to get home, so I made the very difficult decision not to get one.

Then I went home. It was a nice long ride, and I fell asleep.

I got home and felt pretty great. I even did a bunch of homework. I think maybe if I start off the day doing something, it will be easier to get the things I need done.

Also, I really need to get another crush. I love crushing on people. When I don't have someone to crush on all I can do is watch Gilmore Girls, the episodes where Rory and Jess are together. It's terrible. I need a life.

Okay. I love music right now. It's making everything okay. Everything is going to be okay.

Thank you.

Saturday, December 03, 2016

Checking in

I think I'm just gonna try to make this more like a journal, because I really, really want to have something creative to do or else my brain might explode. Okay. Let me know how it's going.

I feel kinda bad, I don't have any photos to share right now, maybe I'll add some some other time, if I keep this up at all.

So. Let me tell you about my day.

I woke up at like 10, because, well, I think I probably went to bed late last night. Yep, that's it. Because I was skyping my family and doing homework and stuff.

So, yeah. I woke up at like 10. Which in all honesty is pretty okay for a Saturday, right?

But then I just had such a useless day.

I spend all morning like, sitting in bed. I took a shower? I guess? But that doesn't count as a thing for me right now. Then I spent like 2 hours grocery shopping, because I'm stingy and went to like 4 separate stores to get the best prices.

Wow it took forever. So at least that let me check a whole bunch of stuff off my list, but I still have all this stuff taking up head space, you know? Like, all these little things that are constantly fighting to be my number-one priority.

So I couldn't focus, and I didn't really want to, and I just felt really crappy.

I watched a lot of Modern Family. Good show, by the way. It's one of those things where you can sort of start anywhere and feel pretty caught up within a couple minutes, and you don't really get too attached, like you don't necessarily feel the urge to marathon it, if that makes sense. It serves a unique purpose, and for me that purpose is when I need something to occupy my brain just enough. I guess that's everything's purpose though.

I got really tired around 5, but I stayed awake, so now I am wary of getting up lest I get tired again. I feel so trapped. If I don't do anything, I'll regret it, but if I get up and don't get tired or don't go to sleep, then I could end up staying up really late, and I don't want to stay up very late tonight because my days are better when I get up early. So now I'm just sitting in bed listening to music.

I made a lot of food, and I ate it, and I wasn't actually very hungry. I think I may be getting sick, which would actually make me feel better because then at least I have an excuse for feeling so funny.

And it means it's not going to last forever. Even though right now that's what it seems like.

Now I just feel pretty useless, because I spent all day around here, when I could have done all these fun things. It's quite annoying because I only want to do stuff in daylight, but daylight is so short.

And I feel like I can't enjoy myself until I have finished everything I need to get done, but I feel like I can't do the things I need to get done until... Monday? I guess? I'm not sure. Maybe I'm just procrastinating.

Yeah. I'm feeling off. Thank you. Check in again soon.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013


It finally feels like spring! Last week we were all covered in coats, but Sunday (70 degrees f.) started up an official warm spell. Here in France, the hottest it really gets is about 85, which is hot enough to go to the beach... So on the first day of spring, I always assume its summer and immediately change into short shorts. I know it's crazy, but I'm 14, and I don't care. So today, I want to do what my teacher called a brain barf. Basically, you write down everything that pops into your head. Here goes:

Cuisine is really awesome, and I like to make Dutch cake by mixing flower, sugar, butter, salt, and speaking of butter and sugar, I mixed 1/2 cups oil with 1 1/4 cups sugar to make an awesome sugar scrub, and also body butter is awesome, so since its always super whether changy here, I like putting on sunscreen in the mornings, which makes me feel good, and I like food and shopping.

P.S. lets have a round of applause for mustaches.👏👏

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Crepe Night

So basically, we have French people over. And you can probably tell from the title that we are having crepes!!! The best recipe for toppings is peanut butter, Nutella, bananas, and whipped cream. Or, skip the peanut butter.
Wow! I made a paragraph!!!! So today at school, we had a big class (2 whole hours!!!) with this lady who talked to us. It was horrible!!!!!!!!!! I won't explain details...
Another Paragraph!!!!! So last year, Ralph and I did cross country. We were good. Well, we were ok. So at the end of the competition, we all got t-shirts, and mine was huge, so I took some fabric markers and "fixed" it :) and now, it has lips and a girl with blue hair and raindows... It's rad. :) bye see ya tomorrow!!!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013


So when I was in the fifth grade, I was in accelerated language arts. And one day, my awesome friend Electa told me that "ness" can be added to the end of any word. So, wordiness exists, along with happiness, basketness, purpleness, and countless others, without sounding very weird. However, verbs don't work as good, such as runness or jumpness... Anyways, my dad left to America about a half hour ago, and June had a crying fit. While he is there, he promised to get us Reeses. Seriously, you don't appreciate them enough. Our babysitters are Sophie and Delphine, and they made us multiple quiches!!!!! Man, socks are really cool. <3 see you tomorrow!! Ps the photo is my finger knitting!!! :)

Monday, January 21, 2013


It finally snowed!!! I'm so Happy about it!!! It's the perfect texture and it sticks together and makes really good snowballs and snowmen!!! At school we had like 5 epic snow battles, and at home too, then we had hot cocoa!!! It was totally awesome. My hair got soaked and frizzy and curly and my hat has a giant puffball, but I think I already said that... So I'm working on a cool new project!!! I'm finger knitting a ton of yarn (or wool, I honestly don't know the difference) and then I will knit it (just plain knitting) to make a super cozy scarf!!!! I will try to take a photo tomorrow and post it...!! :) sorry I have school tomorrow and I need sleep so bye!!! Ps the photo has my new black hat!!! (It's different from the puffball one)

Friday, January 18, 2013

Mont St Michel

I've probably already done like ten posts about this, and we just went there like a week ago with Jyl. Follow her on Instagram, @momitforward so we went there, and since its under construction, I'm going to write about how it's better and worse than before.

So, you drive up and park, then you walk 5 minutes to a trolley stop where trolleys come every 5 minutes. You get on and go almost to the entrance. Then, you climb up and gasp and buy some cookies and an omelet and think about how magical and old it is. Then, if you have time, you can walk around the muddy beach, spot some jellyfish, and get stuck in quicksand. You attempt to scrape off the mud, but its stuck like glue, so you don't worry. You get back on the trolley and have a 7 minute walk back to your car, and you should probably use the bathroom. And that's it. Over all, pretty good. :)


So, what up? We're going to drop off Olive at the library, and then go clothes shopping (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) so I'm crazy happy for like 10 reasons :
1. Snow!!!
2. No school!!!
3. Clothes shopping!!!!!!
4. I'm just happy...
5. My hat has a giant puffball. :)
6. I'm in France!!!!
7. It's Friday!!!!!
8. Tomorrow is Saturday!!!
9. 3-day weekend!!!
10. I found 9 things that I'm crazy happy about!!!!!!!

So, yeah. Pretty giddy. Also, just dance 4 is really super fun, and I totally rocked it... !!!!!!! :)