Sunday, December 04, 2016

It's okay.

Hey so today I woke up late again, which I'm really getting annoyed about because I can do so much more in the mornings.

I kind of sat around until like 2 in the afternoon, then I just had to get out of the house, so I put all my change into my pocket and got on a bus. I took it to the end of the line, and then I got out and walked around for a while. I didn't really have any plans to go anywhere, and my phone didn't have very much battery, so I walked into this cathedral. That was a good decision. It was so peaceful inside, and everyone was there for a reason, you know? Like, no one has to go to church, they choose to go to church. And so the people there are all connected in that they made the decision to go to church. It wasn't even during a mass or anything, it was off hours, and yet there were probably 40 people there. I thought that was pretty special.

Then I walked around some more, and ended up wandering over by this canal I went to the other day. It surprised me, I hadn't known that's where I was. So I went into a McDonalds and used the wifi (and my remaining battery) to map the way to a museum on the edge of town. It was about a 45 minute walk, but I had no where to be so I headed out. My phone died, but I had an albeit vague idea of the direction. I arrived and was pretty dang proud of myself. I went inside and went to the bathroom, then this vending machine which has 80 cent hot cocoa. I got one, and counted my change to see if I could get another. I did have enough, but if I got a hot cocoa I wouldn't be able to get home, so I made the very difficult decision not to get one.

Then I went home. It was a nice long ride, and I fell asleep.

I got home and felt pretty great. I even did a bunch of homework. I think maybe if I start off the day doing something, it will be easier to get the things I need done.

Also, I really need to get another crush. I love crushing on people. When I don't have someone to crush on all I can do is watch Gilmore Girls, the episodes where Rory and Jess are together. It's terrible. I need a life.

Okay. I love music right now. It's making everything okay. Everything is going to be okay.

Thank you.

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