Friday, January 18, 2013

Mont St Michel

I've probably already done like ten posts about this, and we just went there like a week ago with Jyl. Follow her on Instagram, @momitforward so we went there, and since its under construction, I'm going to write about how it's better and worse than before.

So, you drive up and park, then you walk 5 minutes to a trolley stop where trolleys come every 5 minutes. You get on and go almost to the entrance. Then, you climb up and gasp and buy some cookies and an omelet and think about how magical and old it is. Then, if you have time, you can walk around the muddy beach, spot some jellyfish, and get stuck in quicksand. You attempt to scrape off the mud, but its stuck like glue, so you don't worry. You get back on the trolley and have a 7 minute walk back to your car, and you should probably use the bathroom. And that's it. Over all, pretty good. :)

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