Monday, January 21, 2013


It finally snowed!!! I'm so Happy about it!!! It's the perfect texture and it sticks together and makes really good snowballs and snowmen!!! At school we had like 5 epic snow battles, and at home too, then we had hot cocoa!!! It was totally awesome. My hair got soaked and frizzy and curly and my hat has a giant puffball, but I think I already said that... So I'm working on a cool new project!!! I'm finger knitting a ton of yarn (or wool, I honestly don't know the difference) and then I will knit it (just plain knitting) to make a super cozy scarf!!!! I will try to take a photo tomorrow and post it...!! :) sorry I have school tomorrow and I need sleep so bye!!! Ps the photo has my new black hat!!! (It's different from the puffball one)

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