Sunday, January 03, 2010

unusual talking that seems to go on forever

Hi everyone!!!! That is, if you are anyone, and if you aren't, meaning your nobody and probably something, you are probably some type of noun like bird or mouse or the empire state building, and if you aren't, then you might take place in some sort of type of sentence with a subject and a predicate and you might be the run in Joe can run a mile, and if not, you might not have any name at all or you might be a made up word that isn't allowed into any sentences but then you still might have a name like verb or noun or bob, and if you don't then you might be existing without anyone knowing about it and might still be a made up word such as gufaloffagnessy, but just now I put that into a sentence so i suppose it exists now. I just hope you do have a name.

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