Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Definitions of All Sorts


Dictionary Definition:

- The act or ability of forming mental images of something that is not real
or present

- The ability to use the mind effectively; resourcefulness

My own definition: To be able to think impossible thoughts, dream of
untrue things, to make images in your mind of things that are not real yet,
but you make them true.

The etymology of imagination is:
From Middle english,
From Anglo French,
From latin imagination, imaginatio, imaginari,
From 14th century

Wow! What a cool word!!!
New Word
My new word is . . .

It looks like it’s straight from the dictionary, doesn’t it!

It is pronounced: Sem-eye- fan-TAS-ib-ul
It is an adjective.
I made this word because I reasearched synonyms of imagination,
and some of them were phantasy, fantasy, and imaginare. A fantasy
is in my opinion, something totally untrue. People can imagine almost
anything! It can be true or not. That is why it is semi-phantacible; it is
partly, but not quite a total fantasy. I added the ending -ible because
then it is an adjective, meaning some kind of ability.

The boy’s picture of the flying pig was semiphantacible.
Albert Einstein’s pictures of flying machines were semiphantacible.
They seemed crazy at first, but ultimately, they were realistic.

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