Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A few things

I am bored. i feel ashamed. i must be a very boring person right now.

Anyways, nothing brightens up a day like large green text.

I have been thinking that trixters are horrible (we all do. there is no reason to hide it) and i made a plan...

now let me tell you something. if you are an only child, this blog is DEFIANTLY not for you.

Everyone, please think about the trickster of the family. they always seem to get away with every rotten thing they do. this is where you come in.Think about their main 'battle plan', and what it is, whether teasing or pranking or being down right annoying.

Now, do something like that to them... AND NO THAT IS NOT ALL . BTW, it is OK if your parents see. when your caught, just say... WELL WHY IS HE/SHE allowed to do it? If your Lucky, like me, you will get a hi five, a hug, and that trickster will be locked in their bedroom till dinner time.

This doesn't work on teenagers, cause their all ready in their bedroom.

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