Sunday, June 26, 2005

Animal adventuring

10. 10th is a snail

9. 9th is a gorilla

8. My 8th is a rainbowfish

7. My 7th is a lion

6. My 6th is a tiger

5. My 5th is a bluebird, because one of my favorite colors is blue.

4. My 4th is a monkey

3. My 3rd is a seal

2. My 2nd is a CAAAARRRRRRdinal

1. My favorite animal in the whole wide world is a TOUOUOOOUOUOUOUOUOUOUOUOUcan.


Awesome Aunt Rachel said...

Is snail number 10 on your list because it is your number 10 favorite? Or is it because snails are the animals you like the very least?
Did you know that Grandma Mac ate snails for dinner once? Yummy!

Salem said...

Wow, your two favorite animals are birds. That must be because you are really a bird dressed up as a little girl.

roxcy roxcy roxcy roxcy said...

Are you sure that toucans should be ahead of monkeys? Monkeys are the best.

jonah jonah jonah jonah jonah said...

But who likes SHARKS? I think nobody likes sharks except for me. And who ever heard of beluga whales. I like beluga whales and sharks.

lisa v. clark said...

Monkeys are funny.

Rockin' Robin said...

I see you don't have robins on your list. Robins are the coolest birds in the world. Aside from that one glich, your list is awesome. Did you know that in France they eat escargot? Escargot is snails! EEEWWWW!

maude said...

Roxcy: If you think monkeys are ahead of toucans, you should find all about toucans and you'll like them way more than monkeys.

Jonah: I have never heard of beluga whales? What in the world are they? If I ever find out about beluga whales, I think I will really like them. But I do not really like sharks that much.

Aunt Robin in Morgan Hill said...

I agree with rockin' robin...Robins are COOL!

I also really like escargot!