Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Favorite Blues

Here are my favorite blues:

11. glittering dark blue

10. glittering light blue

9. shiny blue

8. glittering blue

7. middle blue

6. bright blue

5. lightest blue in the world

4. turquoise

3. light blue

2. ocean blue

1. sky blue


Favorite Cousin Ruth said...

Great list! Where is my favorite color? It's sea-blue.

Worst cousin Ike said...

I like the colors but you forgot baby blue. At least you included my favorite color: turquoise.

Aunt Sara said...

Maude I like your blue list. I have a friend who likes blue so much she named her two daughters the names: Indigo and Navy. So I think you should name your first daughter "glittering dark blue." What do you think?

Grandma Mac said...

Maude, I tried to write to you before. I said that I like blue a lot, especially when it's with white, like blue and white dishes, and blue and white flowered dresses, and blue sky with white clouds. I also like YOU. Are YOU blue and white?

steve u. said...

I didn't even know there were so many kinds of blue. My favorite blue is columbia blue (because two of my favorite teams were that color). It's sort of like sky blue (like the color of the "login and publish" button when I posted this comment).

Ben said...

Maude: A blue I really like is royal blue. It's kind of like regular blue I think. It is also like kings, queens, princesses, etc. because, you know: royal.

erin said...

Great list Maude! I want to know what middle blue is. I've never heard of that one. You know the color of your eyes, and Roxcy's and Jonah's? What would you call that blue? That is my favorite blue.

Jim Blair said...

Maude, I'm going to be looking for blue all the time now. I especially like blue when I can't really tell if it's green or blue. That's how the ocean is to me on sunny days. When I look right at it, it looks green, but when I look just above it, it looks blue. When it's not sunny, it's mostly green and that's nearly as nice as blue/green. When I drink it, it tastes like salt. And my favorite salt is called "real salt", and it comes in a blue bottle, that's kindof a sea blue/green, but mostly blue.

Anonymous said...

i also am very fond of middle blue. you have impeccable taste, maude blair!

maude said...

Middle blue, glitering blue, and any other weird blues I used are mostly made up!