Monday, June 13, 2005

Favorite Family Home Evening activities

Here are my favorite activities:

6. Going out for ice cream

5. Hide and Go seek

4. Charades

3. Prophet raps

2. Sardines

1. Colored corners

I could only think of 6 activities. Can you think of some?


Robin Kendall said...

How about eating dinner in the park?

Salem said...

One of my all-time favorites is musical pillows. Its like musical chairs but with pillows. It's not as fun when there is only two of us, but if there are lots of people it is really fun. When there are a lot of visitors then I like to play bopper. I think your Mom knows how to play it. Grandma Mac taught us how to play when we were little.

favorite uncle jared said...

Maude thanks for that list of your favorite FHE activities. I don't know what prophet raps are but it sounds really cool. i love you!

aunt liz said...

salem reminded me of a similar fhe game that my family likes to play called the lap or animal game where the family sits in a circle and someone in the middle has to close their eyes and sit on someone's lap- then, they try to guess whose lap they are sitting on by asking the person to make an animal sound like 'please make me the sound of a monkey'. and after the person makes the sound they have to guess whose lap they are sitting. it's only the coolest game EVER!

Anonymous said...

Your list of activities is great Maude. we will try them here in Mendon, because they look soooo fun.

My favorite activity on Family Home Evening is ANYTHING with ice cream.

Thanks for your ideas and for your blog.

I think you are the bestest and probably the one girl with the most ice. That makes you colder than COOL.

Love to you and your family,

Grandpa Mac
See you later

Jordan Anne said...


This blog is AWESOME! I agree, sardines is a really fun game.

talk to you later

maude said...

Robin: thank you for telling me that. Maybe I'll do it sometime.

Salem: Mom is totally gonna teach us how to play BOOOOOOPER!

Jared: Prophet raps are raps that talk about prophets instead of just plain raps.

Liz: I will try that sometime. It sounds really, really, really, really, really fun.

Grandpa Mac: You're the one that's hotter than the sun

Jordan: I know sardines is really fun too!

jonah jonah jonah jonah jonah said...

i love candy and i love power rangers.

Dan the Man said...

I have 2! Play normal games like tag! Or fly a kite. That's good.

Ben said...

Maude: Have we ever played "Boola Boola"? I think we did a while ago, but its a pretty fun game that I played with my family growing up. It's kind of like hot and cold.

Jeff said...

Maudina, thanks so much for letting me read part of your blog at church. It was very cool, and you're so lucky to have such cool parents.

-Jeff T.