Thursday, June 30, 2005

The crazy poem by Maude

I have been reading A Light in the Attic by Shel Silverstein, and I thought it would be fun to make my own poem. I'm going to put my poem on my blog. Here it is:

Oh! How I love chocolate chip cookies.
I ate one today.
I want one more. I will eat it with a fork!!!
And don't think you are going to call me a dork.


Rockin' Robin said...

I think that you are an excellent poet! I love the Shel Silverstien books. A boy in my Literature class last year read them during SSR and he always fell asleep during class. I don't think he liked them very much.

amazing aunt rachel said...

My favorite poem by Shel Silverstien is "Hug-o-war". Which one is your favorite?

Salem said...

My favorite is there's a polar bear in my fridgidare he like it cause its cold in there. . .

Mr. Silverstein looks kind of creepy though. Nice poem maude. I for one will not be calling you a dork.

Anonymous said...

I love ponies, I love pink,
I love Princess Maude, I think.

Who could ever take her place?
Who could have a cuter face?

In the house or out to play,
Maude is lovely all the day.

roxcy said...

I like chocolate chip cookies too! My favorite poem is the first one I ever memorized. It goes like this: The secret of the polar bear is that he wears long underwear.

jonah said...

Maude great poem! My favorite poem is one my mom taught me, I'm not sure who wrote it:
I eat my peas with honey.
I've done it all my life.
It does taste kind of funny,
but it keeps them on the knife.

jonah said...

That last comment was from my mom, not me.

maude said...

Roxcy: I don't really like chocolate chip cookies, but I do like them kind of. And I just wanted to make up that poem because I thought it was going to be really funny.

Good bye, and you're coo-coo. I love you.

maude said...

Aunt Rachel: I like all of them. My favorite one is the one I wrote, my brother gave me some clues.

ruthie two toothie said...

pancakes, pancakes
eat 'em with a fork
pancakes, pancakes
you are a dork

Lucy Goosey said...

I see London, I see France
I see Maudies underpants.

Are they purple? Are they pink?
I don't know but they sure do stink!

sara ella said...

Do you really eat cookies with a fork, Maude?

ralph said...

Chocolate chip cookies with fleas and bees.
Not very good to me.
If I were to eat them, I would be sick.
Fleas and bees? I don't know.
Should I pick a chocolate chip cookie or a flea or a bee for breakfast, lunch or dinner?
I don't know if I were to get thinner or thickers.
What if my chocolate chip cookie lickers?
So I made my choice, and I shall die.
So I shall eat a flea and a bee...bye bye.

Olive said...

I love you Lucy. You are so nice to me. And I like you. And I really like you because you are so nice to me. You share with me. And I like you so much. But I also like Zella, because Zella is nice to me also. But I mostly like you Lucy. I love you Lucy. I love you so much.

Anonymous said...

I am myself a not professionally...but i love writing poetry...ur was pretty good...but put some more emotion in it. And u'll be famous! lol